Organic Content equals Trust equals Organic Growth

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Organic Content equals Trust equals Organic Growth

“Organic,” a term we hear often, especially in the digital media and marketing space – but what does it mean and how does it influence us?

Is it just a term that drives up the food price if we see an ‘organic’ sticker on it, how do we apply the concept to our business to see growth?

Organic growth, especially in small businesses, refer to the natural and gradual expansion of the business’s customer base, revenue, and market presence over time. This is done primarily through internal efforts related to marketing, products or service innovation, community engagement and networking and sustainable scalability (steady yet effective growth), rather than relying heavily on external factors such as mergers or acquisitions, and rapid growth at all costs.

So how do we garner trust through the content we create and publish, especially in this crazy digital landscape we find ourselves in?

Let us tell you what we do!

We take all the tools that digital marketing offers, and we ensure we keep it as simple, real, and true as possible! As much as the digital world, at some point, consumed every bit of content and every influencer video out there, and as insane as Artificial Intelligence is – consumers long more for real content, created by real people, about real people.


In other words, while we are on the ‘organic’ train – organic digital media content refers to content that is created and shared by a business in a natural manner, featuring the heart of the business, its people, and its services. The everyday in-and-out which may seem mundane might end up reminding customers (or potential ones) that there are warm bodies behind what they see on their screens.


Organic digital media should aim to produce content that is valuable to its target audience, to build relationships over mere advertisements and, to establish a trust relationship with the consumer.

What does organic content look like, and how does it establish this trust-relationship?

  1. Organic content is authentic. Nothing flashy or fancy, or overly promotional. Just genuine content that highlights a business’s people, personality, expertise, and what the business is all about. This will resonate with a customer far more than the standard Canva template over-used and over-published.
  2. Another especially crucial point is transparency. Transparency about a business and their processes, products and values will make the consumer feel even more comfortable about the business. Sharing insights, other valuable information, behind the scenes content and making a customer feel part of the journey – whatever journey the business is on – establishes trust.
  3. Customer-centric content is crucial to adding value to customers’ lives and shows that the business is also interested in their customers’ well-being and earning their trust and loyalty. We therefore try and address customer needs, challenges, and interests, and sometimes even try and anticipate issues customers might face about something, something that the business can help with!
  4. When sharing organic content, it is particularly important to pay attention to engagement and interaction with customers on the various platforms the business shares their content on. Responding to queries, comments and asking for real and honest feedback from customers makes all the difference! You also show that you value their time and input, and you want to run a marathon with them, not just a quick sprint!
  5. Finally, organic content is all about being consistent and reliable. Continuous high-quality organic content that provides credible information and offers expertise is what establishes credibility with customers. Having customers turn to you or your digital channels for guidance is the greatest compliment!

Customers want to know who and what is behind the business, behind the fancies of Instagram and Google Ads and all the other endless digital media platforms. So be sure to put quality and organic content out there, to establish that very necessary trust relationship with your consumers, and ensure you see organic growth in your business!